Bangari Balaraju

Bangari Balaraju
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On the whole, Bangari Balaraju is an outdated and disappointing village drama which has nothing new to offer. The artificial emotions, lack of good star cast and silly execution, irritates the audience completely making this film a boring watch. Ignore it and look for something else this weekend.

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Bangari Balaraju Good film with family emotions

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'Bangari Balaraju' is a formula-driven love story that takes a stand on the notion of honour in the 21st Century. The comedy should have been better. The performances are okayish.

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Bangari Balaraju kills with his boredom.

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Banner Nandi Creations
Stars Raghav, Karuna Kathirine, Meenakumari
Music Chinni Krishna, Chitti Babu Reddy
Director Kotendra Duyala
Producer KMD Rafi, Reddam Raghavendra Reddy
Cinematography Chekravarthi


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