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Sapthagiri LLB
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The movie is a socio-comedy with commercial elements. One time watch film

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A Bad Remake

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Half Hearted Remake

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సప్తగిరి ఎల్ ఎల్ బీ.. మంచి కథకు మసాలా పులిమేశారు

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సీన్స్‌ హైలైట్‌గా..

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Sapthagiri is an out and out commercial entertainer film with under current message. The emotional scenes about farmers will touch your heart

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The film Sapthagiri LLB is the official remake of the Bollywood super hit movie Jolly LLB that has Arshad Warsi in the lead

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Telugu Nativity Kills Remake

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న్యాయం కోసం పోరాడే.. ‘స‌ప్త‌గిరి ఎల్‌.ఎల్‌.బి’

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Saptagiri Fails Again

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Overall, Saptagiri LLB impresses the audiences as It has a good storyline, screenplay, direction and acting

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The saving grace in the story is that the advocates don’t say ‘your honour’ after every sentence, this is another commercial project after Saptagiri Express which disappoints

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Saptagiri LLB- Just Time Pass

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Saptagiri wins in both courtrooms - the real one and the courtroom of audience

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One could say finally that Saptagiri LLB has passed the audience test in theatres as he rightly did to judges principles in the court halls

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Telugu Cinema

‘Saptagiri LLB’ is a shoddy remake of the original Bollywood flick ‘Jolly LLB’. Barring the final twenty minutes (court room episode), it is marred by bad direction

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If you are looking for a laugh riot, then this certainly is not

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సప్తగిరి ఎల్.ఎల్.బి.. ఫెయిల్యూర్ అటెంప్ట్

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మొత్తానికి న్యాయం కోసం పోరాడే సప్తగిరి ఎల్.ఎల్.బి సినిమాకు మాత్రం న్యాయం చేయలేకపోయాడు

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Sapthagiri won the case in theaters

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Sapthagiri LLB is a huge disappoint from Sapthagiri if one excludes his outstanding performance. The court scenes and the performances are the only saviours

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Saptagiri wins in audience court

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Banner Sai Celluloid Cinematic Creations Pvt Ltd.
Stars Sapthagiri, Kashish Vohra, Sai Kumar, Ajay Ghosh, Shakalaka Shankar and Others
Music Bulganin
Director Charan Lakkaakula
Producer Dr.Ravikirane
Cinematography Sarangam SR


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