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After Premam, Nivin Pauly’s veshti-clad, bearded look was the rage of the town

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A gripping thriller with Nivin in prime form. Go meet Richie on screens

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Ajaneesh’s instrument based innovative album for Nivin Pauly’s Richie is attractive and seems to have the use of really refreshing themes that walk on eerie lines

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Tamil’s classic Action-Crime drama

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Banner Yes Cinema Company
Stars Nivin Pauly,Shraddha Srinath,Prakash Raj,Lakshmi Priya,GK Reddy,Ashwin Kumar,Murugadoss,Ashok Selvan,Elango Kumaravel
Music B Ajaneesh Loknath
Director Gautham,Ramachandran
Producer ‎Anand Kumar,Vinod Shornur
Cinematography Pandi Kumar S


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