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Those who enjoy Sasikumar and Muthaiya's previous films will have nothing to complain about in this one

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Kodiveeran does entertain you but still, the movie has its own share of flaws. Nevertheless, the Sasikumar starrer, which has all the commercial ingredients in it is definitely a watchable movie, for its genre lovers

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This Sasikumar flick is another cliched commercial potboiler that's worth a miss

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Muthaiya follows his template to a T and the result is a watchable rustic actioner, the sort of film that lies exactly on the threshold limit of tolerance

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Stars M. Sasikumar,Mahima Nambiar,Sanusha,Bala Saravanan,Vidharth
Music N.R.Raghunanthan
Director M Muthaiah
Producer M.Sasikumar
Cinematography S. R. Kathir


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