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Napoleon is never before Concept film on Telugu screen

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Try this film, this weekend and you will not be disappointed

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A good investigation related movie. Once watchable

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'Napoleon' works because of its nail-biting storyline

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Thrills only in bits

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Telugu Cinema

Except Little drag in Second hlaf everything is fine surely audience will like this film

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Anand Ravi just has an idea but he needs to develop skill to write a cohesive film otherwise his films look like mere publicity campaigns than good films

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Napoleon is different a new-age movie with the tight screenplay and fantastic performance of the actors. The movie will definitely impress all sections of the society and a must-watch in this weekend

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Napoleon tests the patience of the viewers

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Banner Acharya Creations
Stars Anand Ravi,Komali,Ravi Varma,Kedar Shankar
Music Sidharth sadasivuni
Director Anand Ravi
Producer Bhogendra Gupta
Cinematography Margal David


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