Devi Sri Prasad

Devi Sri Prasad
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Devi Sri Prasad is all about women survival in today's men's world

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దేవిశ్రీ ప్ర‌సాద్‌...ఆక‌ట్టుకునే థ్రిల్ల‌ర్‌

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Devi Sri Prasad starring Dhanraj, Pooja Ramachandran, Bhupal Raju and Manoj Nandam, directed by Sai Koshore, has hit the theaters toady

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Watched Devi Sri Prasad?

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Overall, Dhanraj, Manoj, Bhupal and Pooja's performance, Sri Kishore direction will definitely impress the audience. The fans of suspense thriller will like it for sure

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Telugu Cinema

On whole DeviSriPrasad is an decent attempt surely it will entertain you go and watch it.

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Devi Sri Prasad attracts with different style presentation

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Banner Sri Sravanthi Movies
Stars Pooja Ramachandran,Bhupal Raju,Dhanraj,Manoj Nandam,Posani Krishna Murali,Venu Tillu
Music Syed Kamran
Director Sri Kishore
Producer D.Venkatesh,Akrosh
Cinematography Sameer Reddy


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