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Next Nuvve
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2.45 / 5
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Worth to Watch movie with routine climax and horror part quality a better music director as well

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Aadi Saikumar and Brahmaji have been exceptional with their comic timings

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Time Pass Entertainer

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Comedy dominates horror

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All in all, Next Nuvvu is a fun filled film

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Telugu Cinema

This Film Entertains YOu

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Not Thrilling

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To sum up, Next Nuvve is not a winner for the debut of Prabhakar

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Yet Another Passable Horror Comedy

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Next Nuvve ‘ is yet another run of the mill , farcical movie in the name of ‘ Comedy Horror ‘ genre

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Just Average

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Give this one a miss, unless you're patient enough to sit through two and half hours of sleaze and random occurrences just for Brahmaji, because he's the only one saving this film

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The movie ends up being a lame copy of the original

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Stay away if you have watched the Original version in Tamil

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Stars Aadi, Vaibhavi, Rashmi, Brahmaji. Avasarala Srinivas, Prudvi and Others
Music Sai Kartheek
Director Prabhakar
Producer Bunny Vas
Cinematography Karthik Palani


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